243 S. Escondido Blvd., Unit 307, Escondido, CA 92025

Lot 5025

Small Appliances, Vacuum and Steam Cleaners, Cookware

Large Joe Forman electrical grill with removable grilling plates
Electrical cooking skillet with glass cover, 12 inch
Keurig cartridge K.cup coffee maker
Rotating Carousel for Keurig coffee pods, holds 24 K.cups
Oster Electrical Waffle maker
Black and Decker multi-speed Blender
Electrical Toaster
Brita water purifier
Coffee grinder, battery operated
1 set of knives with block holder
2 oven and microwaveable skillets with glass tops and metal support arms
1 large oven cooking skillet, red with beige interior
1 metal oven tray
1 dual layer copper tray
Aluminum cooking trays with wire base
1 Rocket Vacuum Cleaner with attachments
1 Shark portable vacuum cleaner with attachments
1 Floor steamer with attachments for floors, furniture and windows
More kitchen stuff