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Lot 284

Modern Type Coin Estate Lot With Silver & Many Dollar Coins - Huge Collectors Deal

1972-S 40% Silver Proof Brown Box Eisenhower Dollar in Original Government Packaging, 1973-S 40% Silver Uncirculated Eisenhower Dollar, 1976-S Clad Type I Proof Eisenhower Dollar, 2008-S US Mint Presidential Proof Dollar Set, (2) 2-Coin John Adams Presidential Dollar Sets, (2) 2-Coin Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar Sets, (2) 2-Coin James Madison Presidential Dollar Sets, 2012-PDS Sacagawea Native American Trade Routes Themed Dollars, 2014 Kennedy Half With Elvis “That’s The Way 1970” Sticker, 1984-P Kennedy Half Uncirculated, 1983-D Kennedy Half Uncirculated (Tough Coins As the US Mint Did Not Make Mint Sets Either of These Years), 1979-S Type 1 Proof Kennedy Half, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Coin & Stamp Tribute With 90% 1956, 1981-P, 2007-S Proof, 2008-D Satin Finish. Also Has Uncancelled Stamps. 1981-S Type 1 Proof Roosevelt Dime, 1977-S Proof Roosevelt Dime, (3) 4-Coin 2004 Peace Medal Jefferson Nickels. Each Set Has a P & D Uncirculated and a P & D Gold Washed. 1213