243 S. Escondido Blvd., Unit 307, Escondido, CA 92025

Lot 1071

1,000+ Wheat Cents, Unsearched, Unsorted, Guaranteed to Contain a 1909-VDB & Indian Head Cent

409 Over 1,000 Mixed, Almost 7 Pounds of Unsearched, Unsorted Wheat Cents. Quick Glance Shows Steel Cents, S-Mint Cents and a few Uncirculated Red Cents. Guaranteed to Include an Indian Head Cent, the First Issue 1909-VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent, a 3-Coin 1943 PDS Steel Cent Set, (5) Wheat Cents from the Teens, (5) from the 20’s and (5) from the 30’s. What Kind of Treasures Can You Find? USCG 0901