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Watergate White House letters. James St Clair talks to newsman.

1113 Watergate White House letters. James St Clair, Maurice Stans, James McCord, John Sirica
This varied archive contains an assortment of documents, signed newspaper clippings and ephemera related to the Watergate Scandal. 1) Maurice Stans Letter on Finance Committee to Re-elect the President Letterhead signed & dated May 24, 1973 regarding disposition of surplus funds to re-elect Richard Nixon. Stans served as the finance chairman for the Committee to Re-elect the President and was found guilty & convicted, 2) Maurice Stans Letter on personal letterhead signed and dated June 25, 1973 discussing his Watergate Senate Testimony, 3) James W. McCord Jr cover letter on Washington Media Services letterhead dated January 12, 1974 attached to original letter from James McCord to Judge Sirica fearing for his life and his legal situation. McCord was involved as an electronics expert in the burglaries which precipitated the Watergate scandal, 4) Undated newspaper article signed by James D. St. Clair. St. Clair was the chief legal counsel for President Richard Nixon during the Watergate Scandal, 5) Charles Alan Wright White House letter to Archibald Cox, Special Prosecutor signed by Rittenhouse at the bottom. Two copies of this letter, 7) November 6, 1973 dated letter on United States District Court for the District of Columbia signed by Judge John Sirica. Judge Sirica uncovered the truth about Watergate and was the 1974 Time’s Magazine Man of the Year.