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Set of 6 Rare State of Georgia Civil War Era Confederate Obsolete Noted

Six different Notes from the Confederate State of Georgia. All Notes issued either during or just before the Civil War. $1 Merchants and Planters bank of Savannah dated 1852 graded Fine, $1 Farmers & Mechanics Bank of Savannah dated 1860 Grades Fine and with split through center of note, $1 Mechanics Bank of Augusta dated 1856 graded Fine, Incredibly Rare $2 Timber Cutter's Bank of Savannah dated unknown Graded Fine but with chip out of left side, $5 bank of the state of Georgia Principal Bank at Savannah dated 1849 graded Fine, and $5 bank of the State of Georgia Principal bank at Savannah dated 1862 graded fine with a missing corner. All notes are Hand signed, Hand numbered and hand dated. All these notes became worthless at the end of the Civil war. RL