243 S. Escondido Blvd., Unit 307, Escondido, CA 92025

Lot 1065

Dealer Lot of Thirty Eight US Mint Proof Sets and Mint Sets-Tons of Silver

Massive lot of Proof Sets and Mint Sets made by the US Mint. There will be duplicates, some may be missing the outer covers and some might have cracked cases. Others are in perfect condition but are extras. Lots of 40% & 90% Silver Kennedy Halves. Included are: Proof Sets 1973-S, 1975-S with Type 1 1976 Eisenhower Dollar, 1976-S with Type 2 Eisenhower Dollar, 1977-S, three 1978-S, 1979-S Type 1, 1980-S, 1981-S Type 1s, two 1993-S, 1995-S, 1996-S, 1997-S, 199-S, 1999-S Statehood Quarters, 2000-S 90% Silver Proof Set Missing quarters, 2001-S, 2003-S Statehood Quarters, 2003-S 90% Silver Proof Set Missing quarters 2004-S Statehood Quarters. Mint Sets include two 1965 Mint Sets with 40% Silver Kennedy Halves, three 1967 Mint Sets with 40% Silver Kennedy Halves, one 1969-P&S partial sets, 1970 with 40% Silver Kennedy Half, 1970-P&S Partial Set, 1972-P Partial Set, 1975 set with Type I Eisenhower Dollars, partial 1976-P Mint Set with Type II Eisenhower Dollar, 1977-D Partial Mint Set, two 1981-D partial Mint Set, 2001-D Quarter Only, & 2006-P Partial Satin Finish Quarters Only Mint Set. Includes $1.20 face value in 90% Silver and $3.00 face value in 40% silver. Thirty Eight pieces total. USCG 424