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H.R. Halderman Cheif of Staff. Says Signed by Howard Hunt while in prison. Patrick Gray FBI

1113  Watergate & Beyond: H R Halderman, Howard Hunt, Patrick Gray, Richard Kleindeinst & Herbert Kambach
This varied archive contains an assortment of autographs, documents and ephemera related to the Watergate Scandal. 1) Law and Order .06 First Day Cover dated May 17,1968 signed by L. Patrick Gray, Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from May 2, 1972 to April 27, 1973, 2) Inauguration Day .08 First Day Cover dated January 20, 1973 with Richard Nixon Image signed by H. R. Halderman. Halderman was President Nixon’s White House Chief of Staff during Watergate, 3) Howard Hunt signature allegedly taken while he was in prison. Hunt was an American intelligence officer. In the ensuing Watergate scandal, Hunt was convicted of burglary, conspiracy, and wiretapping, eventually serving 33 months in prison. Robert Allen signature also appears. Allen who ran the Nixon campaign’s Texas branch was merely a conduit for the illegal campaign monies, 4) Richard Kleindeinst Signature Card. U.S. Attorney General during the Watergate political scandal, 5) Signature of Herbert Kambach-Nixon personal lawyer who got caught paying hush money to Watergate Burglars.