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Lot 1068

Early Key Date Lincoln Wheat Cent Collection 1909-1936 Choice Collector Grades

413 Beautifully matched chocolate brown set of the early Key Date and Semi-Key Date Lincoln Wheat Cents from 1909-1936. Includes the following Key Dates: 1910-S in VF, 1911-S in VF, 1912-S in VF, 1913-S in VF, 1914-S in VF, 1915-S in VF++, 1922-D Strong D in XF, 1924-D in Fine+, 1926-S in VF; Semi-Key Dates: 1909 in VF, 1909-VDB in MS63RB, 1913-D in Fine-Scratches, 1916-S in VF,1917-S in VF, 1918-S in VF, 1919-S in VF, 1920-S in XF, 1921-S in VF, 1923-S in VF, 1924-S in VF, 1925-D in VF++, 1925-S in VF++; and Common Dates: 1910 in AU, 1911 in VF, 1912 in Good, 1913 in VF++, 1914 IN VF, 1919 in VF, 1920 in MS60RB, 1921 in VG, 1924 in VF+, 1925 in AU, 1926 in XF, 1931 in VG, 1932-D in AU, 1936-D in MS63RB. Comes with a Whitman Lincoln Coin Folder. USCG 0901