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Lot 695

1972-2007 (23) Different US Mint Proof Sets in Mint Packaging

 Sets include 1972-S, 1975-S with Type 1 Eisenhower Dollar, 1976-S with Type 2 Eisenhower Dollar, 1977-S, 1978-S, 1979-S Type 1 but Nickel is Type 2, 1980-S, 1981-S Type 1 but with rare Type 2 Quarter, 1988-S, 1989-S, 1990-S, 1991-S, 1992-S, 1995-S, 1997-S, 1998-S, 1999-S, 2000-S, 2001-S, 2002-S, 2003-S, 2006-S and 2007-S. The 1999 thru 2007 have the Statehood Quartes. These sets are complete and no coins are missing.