1615 S Juniper St. Unit 11, Escondido, CA 92025

Lot 1362

Lot of Disney Minnie Watches

Accutime MN2141, SII CL0014, MZB MCKAQ1268HI5, accutime MN1328, MZB MINAQ381, the Disney store, MZB MIN016 Mother of Pearl dial, Minnie Mouse face watch 679324034536
 , accutime MN1430, SII 30617 x2, grupo ruz ACSP xm-092014, MZB MIN005, accutime MN1305 w/ mother of pearl dial, SII MU0115, sanio m2b MINAQ439 x2, accutime MN2218, MINAQ285, accutime MN1173, lorus 1990s V821-0140, accutime 1188 pink bow. All untested.